"From market stall to studio showroom has been a huge change for my business. I didn't sign up for all the nitty-gritty that came with growth - all I wanted to do was make clothes. Being able to trust Corporate+ with our financials and have confidence they were 100% accurate was a weight lifted off my shoulders." 

We first started working with Natalie not long after she relocated from a market stall to her first retail location. After meeting her initial compliance (tax returns & financial statement preparation) requirements, we met with Natalie several times a year to help her manage business growth and to identify cost structures that needed monitoring and improving. Continued growth required guidance on a better formal structure to accommodate business scale and increasing international exposure. We continue to meet with Natalie and her business manager to discuss both strategic and key operational issues on a regular basis. Being part of Natalie’s long-term journey and being able to input regularly, has helped establish her business in a commercially sustainable manner with flexibility to cope with the highs and lows of the fashion industry.