JobKeeper 2.0 Eligible Employers

The broad eligibility tests to access JobKeeper remain the same with an extended decline in turnover test.

· On 1 March 2020, carried on a business in Australia or was a non‑profit body pursuing its objectives principally in Australia; and

o before the end of the JobKeeper fortnight, it met the decline in turnover test*:

  • >15% for an ACNC-registered charity (excluding universities, or schools within the meaning of the GST Act – these entities need to meet the basic turnover test)

  • > 50% for large businesses: - aggregated turnover for the test period is likely to be $1 billion or more, or aggregated turnover for the previous year to the test period was $1 billion or more (a small business that forms part of a group that is a large business must have a >50% decline in turnover to satisfy the test). - ­ >30% for all other qualifying entities.

  • And, was not: - on 1 March 2020, subject to Major Bank Levy for any quarter ending before this date, a member of a consolidated group and another member of the group had been subject to the levy; or - a government body of a particular kind, or a wholly-owned entity of such a body; or - at any time in the fortnight, a provisional liquidator or liquidator has been appointed to the business or a trustee in bankruptcy had been appointed to the individual’s property.

1 March 2020 is an absolute date. An employer that had ceased trading, commenced after 1 March 2020, or was not pursuing its objectives in Australia at that date, is not eligible.

*Additional tests apply from 28 September 2020.

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