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Director ID - Step by step Guides

There are 3 ways to apply for your Director ID

  1. Online using MyGovID

  2. Over the phone

  3. Paper forms (Within Australia or Overseas)

The method you use will depend on your circumstances, it is recommended that you apply online if you are able to. Each method requires you to confirm your identity via various documents.

Inconsistencies across your identity documents, such as spelling of names, place or date of birth, will need to be addressed before you can apply for your Director ID. Please consider this in planning to meet your registration deadline.

Below are our detailed guides on how to register for your Director ID using each method.

As your Registered ASIC Agent we will assist you, however every director must apply for their own director ID themselves. Please contact our office with any questions.

Director ID - Online Registration
Download PDF • 187KB

Director ID - Phone Application
Download PDF • 146KB

Director ID - Paper Forms - Within Australia
Download PDF • 404KB

Director ID - Paper Forms - Overseas Applicant
Download PDF • 401KB

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